Saturday, February 21, 2009

Grandma Penny is doing...

BETTER. This post is a little overdue but here is an update on Grandma Penny... Her surgery on her shoulder is scheduled for March 11th. Dr. Edwards who performed her knee surgeries will be doing her shoulder as well. They are going to be able to do orthoscopic surgery which is great news! The recovery time is about a month long, after that they will work on her neck and arm problems. Last week she had another shot into her back to help with her pain. That procedure has given her some relief. We love you Grandma! This is a picture taken at Thanksgiving in Samaria. All of Penny and Dee's granddaughters! Aren't they beautiful!?!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Papa's Stuff!

First let me preface this by saying Jill is posting this...

My Mom got some really bad news on Friday about her shoulder, neck, and upper back, to go along with the already bad news she had of her low back. She goes to a specialist the beginning of February and hopefully he will be able to give some answers as to why this is happening to her. Her other shoulder and hips are also hurting quite severely so please keep her in your prayers. I can't give you all the particulars of everything that is wrong but you can call my dad and he can give you the low down...try not to call my mom she is having a hard time talking about it. She was feeling really down so we decided to go up and try to cheer her up. We went up and had dinner and Papa asked Scott to look at his closet, the next thing you knew he was removing the closet and fixing it...what an awesome man I am married to! This is some of the stuff from his closet, he has more shoes than any woman I know! He very graciously shared 3 pairs with Scott~ thanks dad!

The next morning the girls and I cleaned out the pantries and we found oodles and boodles of candy! Holy cow...Papa is a hoarder! We told him he is to buy no more candy and he said come on lets see it so this is the picture of the candy we found in the pantry. I know he is hiding about 20 pounds of See's candy somewhere in the house too! Oh by the way he just ordered 30 more pounds of See's candy while we were there... and no I am not joking! Here's a pic of him with his candy and his comment was "is that it???" which leads me to believe there is more hiding somewhere!!!

We love you Mom! Please keep Grandma Penny and Papa in your prayers...they are going through tough times and need all of the help they can get, Papa is also not doing good but refuses to have his knee replaced until Grandma is better! We love you too Dad!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Florida Trip

Penny and Dee just got back from Florida. Here are a few pictures, because if we wait for my mom to post anything we might die from boredom! Come on mom post something!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Here's a few pictures of the "Bonfire" Papa started a half hour before you can see the kids were running in to tell everyone how big the fire was!


Scott, Jacob, and Aaron putting up my Christmas lights.
All of the granddaughters did each others hair so that they could take pictures together!
Kellianne, Emily, Josh, Kate, and Savannah on the 4-wheelers
Dee and Jacob moving all of the trash to a big pile so they could make a bonfire!

Kimmie, Aubrey, and Jadie waiting for the big dinner!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The newest member of our family to vote!

Can you believe it??? Jacob is old enough to vote! By the next election Kara and Kate will be old enough to vote too! Time flies...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bathtub Fun!

Abbie and Aubrey in my bathtub.